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Gutters: From minor to severe weather, water and leafs can easily accumulate on your roof. Gutters are crucial for funneling such debris to the ground safely. However, when gutters are worn or damaged, water can pool on your roof or leafs can clogue the route, putting dangerous pressure both on the gutters, themselves and your roof. At Llennium Construction, we consider gutters a crucial investment in protecting your home from structural damage. We have the knowledge of local weather conditions and know what’s needed to keep you and your home safe. That’s why you can trust Llenium Construction to install gutters built to last, whether you’re repairing old ones or building a new system entirely.

Siding: Renovating your home’s siding is another great investment. With the right materials and colors, updating the siding can make your home look like new. Beyond just aesthetics, renovating your siding can also help protect your home from harsh weather and improve insulation. Llennium Construction can help select the right materials to not only match your home’s style but to also help regulate the temperature inside of your home, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills. From cost-effective vinyl and fiber cement to gorgeous wood and brick, choose a new siding for your home today!

Fencing: Give your yard a fresh look with a new fence. Our team can efficiently install fencing in the front or back of your home so you can enjoy your outside time even more.

Interior Restoration and Remodeling: Are you ready for a change without the move? Whether you’re looking to remodel one room or completely overhaul your interior, Llennium Construction is here to help. Contact us to see how we can update your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or entire floor layouts.

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