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Llennium Construction LLC is the team for all of your commercial roofing and general contracting needs, whether you need a routine inspection, a minor repair, or a complete roof replacement or remodel. From start to finish, we walk you through the process, recommending what is best for your business. First, after you schedule a consultation, our team of experts will meet you onsite to evaluate your building. Based on an inspection and close collaboration with you regarding your needs, vision and budget, we recommend a plan of action specifically tailored to your business. We then procure the best materials and top-quality colors. Our goal is to not only protect your business, but to also make it look better than ever for your customers, clients, employees, and you!

Commercial Roofing

You invest in many different ways to protect your business. But what about the physical protection? A durable roof protects your business from harsh weather, and just like a residential roof, insulates your interior. But did you know, even if you don’t visibly see damage from the ground, a roof over 25 years old can lead to drafts, holes, leaks and other damage if not properly maintained? If such issues go unnoticed and untreated, some of these pitfalls can lead to further more costly and time-consuming damage like mold or serious water damage down the road.

Commercial Building and Remodeling

Not only is Llennium Construction LLC an expert in commercial roofing we will also take care of all of your commercial general contracting needs as well. Llennium has an understanding of both commercial rennovations and remodeling to help bring you solutions.

We can help you with all of your construction project needs and help transfer your building into a structure that supports your needs. We evaluate the whole construction process for our clients from the pre-planning stage to pre- construction making sure that everything is being delivered the way they have envisioned it and most importantly on budget.

Llennium Construction is a premier commercial general contractor serving many public and private sector customers in the Plano, Texas area. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and customer service. Our staff has the expertise and knowledge required to meet your next projects needs.

With durable construction, you can have peace of mind that your business is protected through every season for years to come. And with stunning aesthetics and expert craftsmanship, your business will stand out from the rest so you can focus on what you do best.

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